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403(b) MEP

A MEP is a single retirement plan with multiple adopting employers. A group of employers merge their retirement plans into a single plan. This creates a larger pool of assets, unlocking options for participants that lower management costs and expand investment options reserved typically for participants in larger retirement plans. A MEP also creates efficiencies and economies of scale that provide more efficient pricing with 403(b) service providers, reduce retirement plan administrative tasks, and outsource many fiduciary responsibilities.

Advantages for Institutions:

  • One form 5500 and one plan audit
  • Pooled assets, administration, and governance
  • Risk reduction and compliance with ERISA

Benefits for Participants:

  • Expanded investment options
  • Savings on management fees
  • Additional services on financial management
  • Better retirement planning and preparation

Watch this short video about the MICU MEP!

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