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BoardBook Paperless Meeting Preparation Software

BoardBook is a meeting preparation tool accessed through your Web browser that streamlines the compiling, distributing, and publishing of board packets. One of the biggest advantages of using BoardBook is the reduction in the time and expenses related to meeting preparation. The other is its flexibility. Designed for both online and offline use, you can access materials from anywhere, with the option to go paperless or to print select items on the agenda or the whole packet—in just one click.

Why BoardBook?

· Saves time—easy to compile and update, allowing staff to do other things

· Saves money—no printing, copying, mailing, delivery of meeting packets, etc.

· Last minute changes/additions are incorporated easily

· Automatic pagination of the entire document as you drag and drop agenda items

· Easy to learn—uploads Word, Excel, and PDF documents quickly

· Previous meeting agendas can be copied and edited to make new meetings

· Includes a minutes template for taking meeting notes

· All info from previous meetings stored, and easily accessed and searched

· Workflow tool ensures contributors work together to meet deadlines

· Free online training by BoardBook for any user, at your convenience


Onboarding is so seamless, you could be up and running for your next meeting!


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