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Budget Control Procurement Platform

Did you know that in many cases a 5% reduction in operating cost is financially equal to a 20% increase in revenue?

Aggregate power is a proven benefit of associations

A Web Demo of the Budget Control Procurement Platform is available. 

Time is always a big challenge. A good procurement platform vs a traditional purchasing system can continually save you a lot of time. Time usually equates to money. The more efficient you are with your time the more you can get done. Efficient use of time allows you to operate efficiently with less people.

Consistency of products and services. A modern procurement platform will give you the ability to have consistency in products and services purchased. This keeps people from randomly selecting products and services via Google search.

Amazon business catalog. In our procurement platform, you can have your own Amazon business catalog. This can be very beneficial for your organization. We are an Amazon endorsed procurement platform provider.

Integration to your financial system is optional. Many times, the task of your IT department implementing the electronic data interchange to your financial system is a project that needs to be done later. You can easily enter a monthly journal entry for the summary of the transactions.

GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations) you can use them, but many times they are not efficient to use. As a group, you could get better discounts from specific suppliers than you get through the GPO. The GPO is a middle man that is not as necessary with today’s procurement tools. If the GPO lets you put their catalogs in your procurement platform, then they are offering value to the association.

Tax Exempt is a problem for many online purchases. With a procurement platform, you can make sure your suppliers have your tax-exempt status so you are not paying sales tax when you should not.

Budget control is needed, but not always easy to manage. This procurement platform gives you the ability to manage spend before it happens, so you do not exceed your budget unless you intentionally approve it.

Requisition approval is one of the best practices to manage spend before it happens. This procurement platform makes it extremely easy to manage requisitions and keep a log of all activity related to the requisition.

Request for Quotes from suppliers. It is proven that you can substantially reduce costs by issuing formal requests for quotes to suppliers. Suppliers know they must provide good prices to win the business. Many times, a 20% or more cost savings is achieved.

"We believe we can help you control spend.


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