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Microsoft & Adobe through ScholarBuys

MICU is pleased to announce that in collaboration with ScholarBuys, we have negotiated special pricing/offerings to allow our member institutions to maximize their investments in Microsoft as a strategic partner for mobility, identity, security, and the Cloud solutions. 

Now available to institutions participating in the Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Agreement:

Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP)
License 100% of your Faculty/Staff (user count) with AADP Premium 
Covers 100% of students with AADP Premium
AADP Premium Key Features:
Single Sign-On (SSO) to any cloud and on-premises web app 
Self-Service Password Reset/Change/Unlock with on-premises writeback     
Integrates with on-premises Active Directory
Enforce multi-factor authentication with SAAS
MDM auto-enrollment, Self-Service Bitlocker recovery, Additional local administrators to Windows 10 devices via Azure AD Join, Enterprise State Roaming
Azure + Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) -  Uplift to Level C
License (1) Azure Monetary Commitment and 100% of your Faculty and Staff (user count) with Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS):
Uplifted to Level C Pricing for Desktop Products (Level C is typically reserved for institution’s with an employee FTE of 10,000 >)  
Covers 100% of students with Intune for free
Optional uplift (nominal cost) covers 100% of students with Azure AD P1 for free.  
EMS Key Features: 
o   Azure Active Directory P1: Secure single sign-on to cloud and on-premises apps, Multi-Factor Authentication, Self-Service Password Reset/Change/Unlock with on-premises write back, and advanced security reporting.
o   Microsoft Intune: Mobile device and app management to protect corporate apps and data on any device.
o   Azure Information Protection Premium P1: Encryption for all files and storage locations. Cloud-based file tracking
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics:  Protection from advanced targeted attacks leveraging user and entity behavioral analytics.
O365 - Advanced Threat Protection
License 100% of your Faculty and Staff (user count) with ATP:
***Cover 100% of your Students for Free 
O365 ATP Key Features:
Secure your mailboxes (on-prem and/or hosted) against advanced / zero-day threats
Protect against unsafe attachments
Protect your environment when users click malicious links
Rich reporting and track links in messages
O365 Plan E5
License 100% of your Faculty/Staff (user count) with O365 Plan E5: 
***Covers 100% of your Students with O365 ATP for Free 
O365 Plan E5 Key Features:
Advanced Security Management, Advanced eDiscovery, Secure Attachments and URLs, Access Control
Analytics Power BI Pro, MyAnalytics
Cloud PBX Skype for Busines
PSTN Conferencing** Skype for Business
Skype Broadcast
Status Quo
For schools not ready/interested in moving to EMS, Azure, AADP, ATP, etc…keep the status quo – Level B Pricing (Level B is typically reserved for institution’s with an employee FTE of 3000 >)
The MICU EES Agreement in managed through our Microsoft reseller, ScholarBuys.   Darren Shahinian with ScholarBuys is the primary account representative.   In the weeks to come, Darren will be calling on each campus interested in taking advantage of the ScholarBuysprogram to provide more details.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you may contact Darren at:
Darren Shahinian
HiEd Account Manager
877-999-9294 (x197)