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MICU Partners with Campus Consortium

MICU Partners with Campus Consortium to Provide $1,000,000 Grant to its Member Colleges and Universities to Use the Kryptos Mobile Platform to Create their Official Mobile Apps at No Cost

Sept 2016: Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities (MICU)and Campus Consortium have partnered to provide the Kryptos Mobile Development and Publishing Platform to the MICU-member colleges and universities to create their official mobile apps at no cost. The grant covers up to $50,000 per college in mobile app licensing, development, and maintenance costs. 

Below is the list of apps and features provided as a part of the Grant Award:

  • Campus News
  • Campus Events
  • Parking
  • Campus Directory
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Social Media
  • Dinning
  • Athletics
  • Campus Maps
  • My Assignments (LMS)
  • My Grades (SIS)


  • Gives you the freedom to make your own apps in the format you want:
    • Template-based app creation for Apps
    • Third Party App Launcher
    • You can create and customize your own apps by writing web services and fetch data from any database
  • Manage/Edit your existing Apps 
  • Gives you the flexibility to test/pilot your apps before publishing: 
    • Three Step Testing 
  •  App Exchange: Share and access Apps with other institutions
  • Multi-Level Access Control: It allows the tenant/app admin fine-grained control across the users
  • Code Editor: Kryptos has introduced a rich-content code editor that makes it easy to view and customize your code

Contact MICU Vice President Peter Spadafore for more information.