Bachelor's degrees on the rise

The number of individuals earning a bachelor's degree from an independent, non-profit college or university in Michigan has increased 32 percent to nearly 13,000 annually since 2003.

Independent, non-profit colleges and universities in Michigan are contributing talent to Michigan's economy and the numbers are on the rise. Since 2003, the number of individuals earning a bachelor's degree at an independent institution in Michigan has increased by 32 percent.

Increasing from roughly 9,700 degrees earned annually to nearly 13,000 in 2017, talent development is growing.

Approximately 80 percent of graduates from Michigan's independent, non-profit colleges and universities stay in Michigan after college.

This means that each year, business across the state can expect at least 10,000 new workers with bachelor's degrees available to help their companies thrive.

Independent higher education is working to enhance the talent pool across Michigan.

Colby Cesaro