MTG students complete college sooner

MTG Completion Rate 2018.png

Students with grant funding for college complete degrees sooner than students without grant funding. This is because students with grant funding often:

  • Feel more financially stable during their college years

  • Enroll full-time due to the grant funds covering expenses allowing full-time enrollment, and

  • Stay enrolled and do not drop out for financial reasons.

This is why the Michigan Tuition Grant is so important to Michigan's economy. Students are able to complete college and enter the workforce sooner.

In Michigan, students with the Michigan Tuition Grant complete a bachelor's degree in an average of four years. Students in Michigan who do not have grant funding take an average of seven years to complete their bachelor's degree.

In 2018, 3,985 of the 16,983 students with the Michigan Tuition Grant graduated with a bachelor's degree. The other 77 percent are still enrolled in their degree programs and are set to graduate on time.

Other facts about MTG students include:

  • 5,646 recipients are over the age of 25

  • At least 210 are veterans

  • More than 6,000 are 1st generation college students

Colby Cesaro