Minority student enrollment remains strong

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Michigan is a declining enrollment state for higher education with fewer high school students, and thus graduates, attending college. Enrollment trends, however, differ depending on which student group is being analyzed.

For minority students, undergraduate enrollment in four-year degree programs remains strong.

Overall undergraduate enrollment of black and hispanic students in Michigan has declined 11 percent since 2013. This drop, however, is due to a decline in community college enrollment (19 percent drop) while enrollment at four-year institutions has remained steady.

In fact, black and hispanic student enrollment at independent, non-profit colleges and universities in Michigan has increased modestly, 1.2 percent, since 2013.

The drop in community college enrollment for black and hispanic students while numbers remain steady for four-year programs indicate that these students see opportunity and success at Michigan's independent, non-profit colleges and universities and the state's public universities.

Colby Cesaro