Michigan Scholarship & Grant Growth for FY 2017-2018

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Scholarships and grants for Michigan students are on the rise!

The 2017-18 budget shows that the need-based Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG) will increase by 32 percent and the merit-based Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS) will increase 74 percent, compared to previous legislative minimums. Excellent news for Michigan's students.

During FY 2013-14 the appropriation for the need-based Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG) was $31,664,700. The proposal for FY 2017-18 MTG includes $38,021,500, a 20 percent increase over the five-year period and a nine percent increase compared to the FY 2016-17 budget of $35,021,500.

Also included in this budget is an increase in the per student minimum award. The minimum was previously $1,512 and has now increased to $2,000, a 32 percent increase.

The MTG is welcome aid for Michigan's students in need!

The Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS) will also have an increase in appropriations and minimum award in the coming fiscal year. For the 2017-18 year the proposed budget includes an $8,000,000 increase (44 percent) for the MCS. The per student minimum MCS award will increase from $575 to $1,000, a 74 percent increase.

All of these changes are exciting for Michigan's students as the increases allow grants and scholarships to make even more of a difference for students and their families.

Colby Cesaro