Most some college, no degree Michiganders are women

Some college no degree gender.png

Of the 1.23 million Michiganders aged 25-64 with some college experience but no degree, 629,000 are women and 605,000 are men. 

From largest to smallest in the above graph:

  • Women 45-64: 335,010

  • Men 45-64: 305,427

  • Women 25-34: 161,979

  • Men 25-34: 160,569

  • Men 35-44: 139,670

  • Women 35-44: 131,843

Women outpace men in all age brackets except for the 35-44 group.

The gender gap holds across race and ethnic groups as well, with more women in the some college, no degree population than men. The stratification is largest for black women and women of two or more races.

As Michigan works to increase the educational attainment and economic opportunity of the workforce, the demographics of those we are working to assist are important factors to consider.

Colby Cesaro